Monday, November 10, 2014

Dominos Can Never Let You Down!

 Soeur Lefrandt giving her testimony
this is Brother Vige's nutcracker which was a gift from President Uchtdorf! Ooh la la!

party with the Vige family
Bonjour! What another great week!

It started off with a fun exchange with Toul sisters. I got to spend the day with Soeur Johns..another Soeur Johns (you can never have enough Soeur Johns right?) We spent the day in Nancy contacting and teaching and testifyin!

Thursday we had a zone conference and it was really great to see so many missionaries and meet all the new ones that just arrived since we had so many new bleus! Also Soeur Lefrandt gave her "dying testimony" (traditional last testimony missionaries do right before they finish the mission) She has such a powerful testimony and I'm so grateful I've gotten to see her change, grow, and develop on the mission to become closer and closer to her divine potential. She is awesome and a great example, friend, and leader. Later that night Soeur Lefrandt and I had an awesome miracle. We decided to go knocking on doors for the rest of the evening and we met a young student aged girl named Abigail. She spoke perfect English and was super believing. We testified and were really bold about the Book of Mormon and she said she'd read it. It was an awesome night because we only had an hour that night and it was all worth it when we found Abigail. It was really cool to hear her testimony of Jesus Christ and how His gospel has strengthened her life personally. 

Another miracle from Thursday was when Soeur Lefrandt and I were in the gare in Paris (it's a really busy train station) she dropped her wallet and we already passed through with our tickets when this really nice lady picked it up and ran over and handed it to Soeur Lefrandt!! Dang that was a miracle and it made me remember an experience I had last year in that same gare with Soeur Lefrandt at the H&M when I lost my purse in the store for like 20 minutes and found it completely untouched! Soeur Lefrandt and I just turned to each other and realized how much God watches over His missionaries!

Friday was a fun day. The Lyon Mission and the Paris Mission united in efforts to find as many new investigators as possible that day. We all prayed every 30 minutes for one another and spent as much time and energy talking to everyone and Soeur Lefrandt and I were so glad we got to participate and see so many miracles. We met this one lady named Ode and she had the cutest kids. We began talking to her and she explained that she and her husband were a part of two different Christian denominations and she explained sometimes it's hard, but when we talked about how we have the fulness of the gospel and it is to unite families with the teachings of Christ she immediately asked, "How does one start meeting with you?" and "What do I need to do to learn more about this message you have?" We felt like she literally fell from the sky she was so golden and the best part was she was really listening and taking everything in! 

We also had a nice meal with the Vige family (the one that has the sister in Florida that knows Nana and Papa) They are awesome. We had the best meal with them. They are hilarious and such spiritual powerhouses! He's pretty much the twin for Uchtdorf and he talks about all the good times they had together when he was stake president. He has so many crazy stories. 

Saturday, we played sports in the morning with members and amies and then rushed over to another member's house for lunch. Soeur Lefrandt and I got invited over twice this week. That was a first! We're really trying to build better friendships with the members because they tend to be really busy. Later Saturday we passed by one of our new African amis and we met her brother who was super cool. That day, Soeur Lefrandt and I were feeling a little low because no one we asked was planning on coming to church so we decided to make it a goal to invite everyone that night to come. So, when we met her brother he was really excited about church. Miracle! So then after that lesson we decided we deserved some Domino's pizza. It was the end of the night and we didn't really eat a proper dinner anyways. So right as we are walking in, one of the delivery boys who is getting on his Moped bike shouts out to us "You speak English?" At first we thought he was hitting on us, but we explained we were there to talk to people about Christ he said, "Well I'm Muslim, but can you teach me about Christ?" We just gave him our card and told him to come to church the next day. Well Sunday rolls around and neither one of our African guys shows up. Until right at the end the Dominos Pizza guy shows up! He accidently slept in and felt so bad so he thought he would still come at the end. We literally met him the night before and he shows up. Whoa cool! So then we were really pumped and had him meet the elders so we could pass him over. We gave him a tour of the church and explained our message. He had so many questions! He said he wants to meet with the missionaries and come to church so he can find the truth. He said he knows the Muslim church really well, but he wants to see what else is out there. He also said that if he was going to switch religions that his family would completely cut him off so he wants to be completely SURE if this is the truth. Whoa he was so sincere! When we walked him into the chapel Brother Vige came with us (there was tons of members everywhere talking so he got to meeting tons of members) So then we had about the most intense 15 minutes I've ever experienced. Brother Vige told him his conversion story and testified to boldly of our message and told him at 8 to get on his knees and ask his Heavenly Father if what we are teaching him is true. He said he would! Then that night he texted us at 8 saying "It's time to pray" He is so legit and can't wait to see what happens with him and the elders! 

Later, we had a lesson with the other guy that was supposed to show up and his sister at their house. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and were so pumped...then their Jehovah Witness friend showed up and tried to bash us a little, but we just testified and left. Those lessons are always sooo frustrating when people show up at the end of an awesome lesson and throw in all these new ideas and try to confuse the amis. This church is true, so hopefully if they all have sincere desire they can pray and God will tell them just what He told to me and all the other members of this church that God is our Father and He still speaks to His children through prophets whether they be in the Bible, the Book of Mormon or even today. This is His restored church and He DOES lead and guide it through His inspired servants. I love it! 

Miracles are happening left and right here in Nancy! This work is incredible and I have never been so happy in my life. We may not have any baptisms coming up soon, but Soeur Lefrandt and I have been working so hard and we are beginning to see the fruits of our labors. God is good!


Sœur Berge

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