Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Weekly

Welp, it's the last week of the transfer and the last week I have had with Soeur Lefrandt. Wednesday morning we will be heading to Paris to ship her on a plane and send her home. On the other hand, I'm getting a new companion! Her name is Soeur Hosking. She was trained by Soeur Johns so I heard all about her. We've even had a few slumber parties with them so I've had the chance to meet her. I'm really excited to be working with her and see miracles together.

This week was a great one! Soeur Lefrandt and I had some cool miracles. We went over on Wednesday night to see Maite, a member. She is the sweetest thing and so funny. We call her our 'mamie' and she is probably my favorite person to see walk into church every Sunday. She made us a Thanksgiving feast! It was so good. And on top of that she invited her friend to join us. Her name is Huguette and she is so sweet. Maite gave her a few church books a while ago and she really wants her to know more about the church and she is actually interested. So we are really excited to start teaching her.

It was also a week of service. We spent a lot of time washing windows and cleaning for members. It really was so fun to get to know them better and do something for them.

We also saw Zoe, our exchange student member from Arizona. Her 'exchange parents' made us a huge dinner and were so sweet. They weren't super interested in learning more, but they were really nice.

We also got dropped by some of our amis this week and that was really
hard, but we're hoping with the new transfer coming up that we can find some promising new ones! yay!

Have a good week! Sorry it's short today. Love you all!

Soeur Berge

Soeur Tupai and I in Nogent
Soeur Lefrandt and I

missionary night last week
our missionary night-members "opening their calls"

our sweet Albanian members

our ami, Manon

dinner with Zoe and host parents

MTC buddies

district photo

team nancy!

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