Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Funerals and Missionary Fêtes!


This week I can say was unlike any other I've experienced!

This week Soeur Lefrandt and I got to spend some time in our awesome sector of Nogent. It was such a blast to be back there! I felt so strange stepping on all the same trains and buses especially since I've changed so much since last being there. I was able to be with an awesome Tahitian Sister named Soeur Tupai. We had a blast! It was probably the craziest exchange I've ever been on. We began our exchange on Tuesday. That night we had some cool miracles. We had about an hour left of the night and we contacted around a gare they lived by. We contacted a sister and brother from Congo who had such strong testimonies of Jesus Christ themselves. They turned out super interested in our message and the girl even said, "I just recently had my schedule really open up, so I'm free a lot for you to come over and share your message with me." WOW! Miracle! We ended up praying with 3 other people that same hour. Adrenaline rush!

Wednesday was a crazy day. We started off by not really having anything scheduled for the morning. Soeur Tupai and I were planning on doing some finding. As we began our companion studies we got a phone call from a ward member asking if we happened to be free to go see a friend that just lost a family member. We didn't have much details, but we got up and left that minute. We arrived at a funeral services place. We met this cute older spanish mom and daughter and they led us into a tiny room where they had a couple of friends and the body of the Spanish mom's husband. Wow. Soeur Tupai and I kinda glanced at each other and we really had no clue what they expected from us. We asked if there was something we could do and they all just looked at us and said, "we are ready for your message. Do whatever you need to do." We felt so inadequate. They don't teach these kinda things in the MTC..They kind of knew the church and had met missionaries before, but I think they were expecting us to bless the body or something. Soeur Tupai and I were praying so hard to know what to do. We then just started sharing with them what happens after death and we read to them out of the plan of salvation brochure about how God had a plan for us all. Soeur Tupai began testifying of eternal families and the Spirit completely filled the room. We then sang and prayed with them. They were so grateful we could come and give them some comfort during a hard time. They were so precious and you could tell they had such a love for God, Jesus, and each other. I felt so blessed to have been able to witness this little tender family and feel their love for each other. Soeur Tupai and I walked out of the office and looked at each other with wide eyes like we can't believe what we just witnessed. 

Thursday, we went to the Freard's house (member family in Nancy ward). Earlier that week, Soeur Freard texted us saying she wanted to make some cakes with us at her house so we could deliver them to less actives in the ward. Such a sweet gesture and so touching. She texted us saying it was hard to do a lot of missionary work as she is a full time mom with 3 little kids, but she wanted to contribute. It just goes to show that everyone can truly be a missionary and partipate in this work.

Friday we met with a young Madagascar mother that we met at a bus stop a few weeks ago. We simply got her number and decided to call her. She said we could come over! We taught her all about the restoration and she loved all of it. We are really excited to see what else happens with her. She is so cute! She reminds me a lot of Jeanne from Saint-Nazaire.

Later we stopped by Benedicte's apt and tried to explain the Book of Mormon again and we also took all 3 plates of cake to the less actives. It was cool. They were so touched.

Saturday, we got to see our amie Collomb after months! She moved to Paris this entire last transfer so we didn't get to see her. She met with the missionaries there and when she came back here she said she didn't really want to read the Book of Mormon anymore. We knew something was up and told her to meet us at the park and we talked to her. Apparently she felt like she was turning her back on her church she is already in. We testified of the message we have and told her we weren't there to force her or to change her church, but we are there to share our unique message with everyone and invite her to pray and ask God what the truth is. We were really bold with her and in the end we invited to be baptized if she gets that answer from God and it's true. She actually accepted and said if she got that answer, she would get baptized! WOW! We are hoping we can start really teaching her now.

Later Saturday we had a big ward activity that us missionaries were putting on. We wanted to get all the members pumped so our ward mission leader and his wife helped us put together our own Nancy MTC! All the members arrived and got a plaque and a mission call. There were 4 different missions that would make up the separate groups. All 4 teams of missionaries had a little 10 minute class and they rotated around. Afterwards, our "mission president" (our ward mission leader) addressed everyone and we heard some good testimonies of members about the importance of missionary work. Then we ate cookies and had a good time. It was so fun and the members got so pumped about being missionaries. All in all it was a fun time and I'm so glad we got to get together with the ward.

Sunday we had a good church day and got to visit with Nune. Soeur Lefrandt even painted Nune's nails and her friend's nails and we read scriptures in Armenian together and had a good girls' night. She is so sad that Soeur Lefrandt is leaving. She calls us her darlings and gets so excited when she sees us. Seeing her is just the best!

Well I don't have much time, but have a great week! Love you all and praying for you always!
Sorry the pictures aren't working right now, but I'll shoot them out maybe tomorrow.


Sœur Berge

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