Monday, October 27, 2014

My Darling!

We ran into the one and only, President Bertrand! Soeur Lefrandt and the other two elders in the photo all served in Rouen and we were so excited to see one of our fav people!

 Soeur Bell, oui, elle est belle!
 Soeur Castillo, my crazy Canadian :)

little Lucille

 love me some Cheetah..#getontheirlevel
call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me...
Hey hey hey!

What another wonderful week...only downfall of this week was that it is freezing...time to whip out the winter coats! I don't understand France's August..why is it already becoming autumn? Slow down father time! Well this mission just got a make-over I would say because we lost 15 sisters and have 15 brand new sisters in the mission. This week we finally got to meet some new faces.

Tuesday and Wednesday were super fun because I got to spend a day with an awesome girl named Soeur Bell. That's right "Sister Beautiful' she is one of a kind. She just arrived from the MTC, but she is a wise soul and knows more than me about everything so I learned so much from her. It was also really fun having a companion the same height as me #yayfortallgirls. We saw so many miracles in the wonderful, muslim packed city of Mulhouse. We contacted a few girls that were super interested and it was such a fun day. One of them was named Cassandra from Romania. She was a hoot. She was so pumped to talk to us about Jesus, she was bouncing around and jumping all over. I love foreigners who love Jesus! 

Thursday and Friday we went on exchanges with Soeur Castillo and her new bleu from Florida (Winter Park). We had a fun day in Nancy with them and I got to be with my dear old comp Soeur Castillo. I'm so proud of her training and everything. It was fun to spend the day with her and see so many amazing miracles just like old times in Rouen. One of the ladies we contacted had a cute little girl in a stroller. We stopped her and we began to talk to her and she was down for giving her number. She was really nice and explained that she was buddhist, but also Christian. Soeur Castillo totally whipped out an inspired questions and asked her why she had become buddhist. She told us of how she had questions that she still to this day doesn't have answered..gotta love questions of the soul! We all have em! She was so open with us and said she was still on her search. WOW! We prayed with her and her little girl and she was really excited to see us in the future. It's the little miracles like these that make the mission so abundant and enjoyable. 

Later we met up with Catherine in a park and talked to her about life and we go to explain the baptismal covenant with her. Our discussion because interrupted though from some people she ran into, but the Spirit was still there. We really want Catherine to have this gospel. We've been praying so hard for her because we know how much the true church of Jesus Christ and the fulness of His gospel will help her in her daily life. Keep her in your prayers! :) Her cute daughter, Lucille gave Soeur Lefrandt and I the cutest little bracelets all wrapped up and everything. We call her our little sister. She is a handful and hilarious. 

Saturday we saw the Kimbergt's. They made Soeur Lefrandt and I our very own business cards! Woot woot! It's tradition for all missionaries to receive this awesome creation. 

Ok, best for last! Last night was probably one of the funniest nights of my mission..So Soeur Lefrandt and I had really been wanting to see an Armenien member named Nune. Lately on the phone she said she was in pain and she hadn't been to church in a while so we were really worried about her. We had a hard time communicating with her on the phone because she speaks so little English and no French. So we finally figured out where she lived and it was super far. We asked our "oh so kind" elders to come with us to give her a blessing.  We arrive and she gets her blessing and we sing for 5 funny Armeniens..Nune being the only member of the church. It's just a mixture of English, French, Armenien, and Russian in a little room consisting of a sink, a closet, two beds, and a tv. Turns out Nune's neighbor that spoke decent French was interested in hearing about our church so the elders were blessed with a new golden ami! Nune was so happy we came she just kept taking our hands and saying "My Darling.." which is about the only English she knows, but she is precious and we love her. It's always a good night when Armeniens are involved :)

Well life is wonderful and I love missionary life. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss in the family, but I know our sorrows can be swallowed up in the plan our Heavenly Father created to make all the choas somehow work out and help us comprehend that all we don't understand will be fine. It just requires faith in His timing and trust in His plan. It really reminded me of how slim our time on earth is and how we must all remember the little things in life are what matter most. I love you all so much. Keep safe and be happy! You are in my prayers!


Sœur Berge

Power of the Spirit!


Well, what another week of miracles! 

I am so grateful for these rough past few weeks. Soeur Lefrandt and I have been doing so much finding and have seen a fair share of rejection these past few weeks and I'm so glad for my companion and her wonderful spirit of persevering through the more difficult times. 

I want to share some of the miracles from yesterday. Yesterday, the elder's ami got baptized. She is a beautiful woman who is so sweet and we were so excited to welcome her into the family and ward. Soeur Lefrandt and I were especially ecstatic to see our amis, Catherine and Slavica show up just in time to see them perform the ordinance. I was so grateful for all the members who fellowshipped them after the baptism. 

Later we were headed to Catherine's to teach her and her family. When we got to her ville that is a little further away, she said she wasn't quite home yet. We decided to go porting for a little bit and no one was really interested. We were about to head over to Catherine's when we Soeur Lefrandt see's a used chocolate ice cream box in the garbage just outside their front door. She turns to me and says, "Oh I think this is our girl!" We laughed and decided to ring one more bell. This quirky looking lady answers and she is on the phone. She starts talking to us and tells her brother she needs to hang up the phone so she can talk to us. Wow! OK! Not everyday you see that. She invites us in and we sit and talk to her. She told us how she was just going through a hard time and prayed that God would comfort her. That's why the minute she saw "Jesus Christ" on our name tags she knew we were an answer. She has her own church and her own beliefs, but we had a good discussion with her and at one point she even looked into our eyes and told us there was something about us when we spoke that made her want to cry, but not a 'sad cry' a 'joyful cry.' We tried to help her recognize that she was feeling the Spirit and she was so touched. We didn't have a lot of time with her, but we got to pray with her and we are seeing her this week. We are so excited. Her name is Pascale and she has so much potential!!

Later, we saw Catherine at her house. We were super excited because this was finally our moment to explain the book of mormon to her and introduce something so precious for us. It was one of the most incredible rdv's ever. We walk in and sit down and she says, "Before you say anything, I want to know about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith!" Well well well! Planning is so important and can be so inspirational because that is exactly what we wanted to talk to her about. We introduced the Book of Mormon and she and her son, Ferdinand, had so many good questions. After our message, she really opened up to us and began to cry saying how her life has been hard lately because her husband doesn't believe and she blames herself for not praying even more for him or being bolder with him about beliefs. Now you gotta realize, Catherine is a beautiful, hard working mom who does everything for everyone and is a perfect example of a "disciple of Christ." I think my favorite part of our rdv last night was when she felt the Spirit and told us through tears, "I've been looking for my path for so long and I think I've just found the path God wants for me" WOW! She is just so special. Soeur Lefrandt and I discussed after about how we all must have been such good friends in the pre-mortal life because we just love her so much!

Anyways this week was awesome and the Spirit truly has the power to touch hearts and change lives. The gospel is true and the scriptures give us answers to the questions that trouble our hearts. I love this work. I love this gospel. I love the Spirit! I encourage you all to look for ways to invite the Spirit more in your own life and seek for opportunities for others to taste of it's goodness. Love to you all!


Soeur Berge

In Memory of Phillipe LamYam

Bonjour every body!

BIG NEWS! Soeur Lefrandt and I will be spending another glorious transfer together in Nancy.

Well this week was another great week, but I don't have a ton of time, but here are some events of the week:

Soeur Lefrandt and I did a lot of finding. We had a cool miracle. The other night we were knocking on some doors and didn't have a ton of success. Finally, we get to a beautiful French home and this classy French lady comes out. She wasn't super interested, but we kept talking to her and she told us her life story and it was very touching. She is the youngest of 16 children!! Her mom passed away when she was 13. She eventually let us in and we sang for her. She was touched and the Spirit was very strong. She said she wasn't interested at the moment, but maybe in the future she would meet with us more. She was incredible. She grew up on a farm and reminded me a lot of grandma!

Church was awesome! Katherine and her family came and it was incredible.  Lucille just snuggled up to me and played with my hair, she's my new best friend. Anyways, we gave them a tour after and it was so cool to see someone finally come to church.

Sorry I can't remember much of what we did because I forgot my planner, but I have a ton of photos to send so enjoy.

Also today we had a very tender experience. We got to attend the funeral of a dear friend, Brother LamYam. There was a family we were close to in Nogent, the first city I served in about a year ago. We got special permission to attend and see our dear Windy and Ryan LamYam. The Spirit was so strong and I really admired Brother LamYam. He was such a fighter as he went through cancer. He was one of the nicest men I know and he will be missed greatly here, but he will have a sweet reunion with his family. It was really incredible to see everyone from Nogent and see Windy and Ryan.

Well life is really good over here as I am sitting next to my dear bleu, Soeur Sorenson who will be training this transfer. So proud of her! Well that's all for today. I love you all! Have a great week!!


Soeur Berge