Monday, October 27, 2014

In Memory of Phillipe LamYam

Bonjour every body!

BIG NEWS! Soeur Lefrandt and I will be spending another glorious transfer together in Nancy.

Well this week was another great week, but I don't have a ton of time, but here are some events of the week:

Soeur Lefrandt and I did a lot of finding. We had a cool miracle. The other night we were knocking on some doors and didn't have a ton of success. Finally, we get to a beautiful French home and this classy French lady comes out. She wasn't super interested, but we kept talking to her and she told us her life story and it was very touching. She is the youngest of 16 children!! Her mom passed away when she was 13. She eventually let us in and we sang for her. She was touched and the Spirit was very strong. She said she wasn't interested at the moment, but maybe in the future she would meet with us more. She was incredible. She grew up on a farm and reminded me a lot of grandma!

Church was awesome! Katherine and her family came and it was incredible.  Lucille just snuggled up to me and played with my hair, she's my new best friend. Anyways, we gave them a tour after and it was so cool to see someone finally come to church.

Sorry I can't remember much of what we did because I forgot my planner, but I have a ton of photos to send so enjoy.

Also today we had a very tender experience. We got to attend the funeral of a dear friend, Brother LamYam. There was a family we were close to in Nogent, the first city I served in about a year ago. We got special permission to attend and see our dear Windy and Ryan LamYam. The Spirit was so strong and I really admired Brother LamYam. He was such a fighter as he went through cancer. He was one of the nicest men I know and he will be missed greatly here, but he will have a sweet reunion with his family. It was really incredible to see everyone from Nogent and see Windy and Ryan.

Well life is really good over here as I am sitting next to my dear bleu, Soeur Sorenson who will be training this transfer. So proud of her! Well that's all for today. I love you all! Have a great week!!


Soeur Berge

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