Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anotha Weekly Email


I don't have a ton of time, but here are some highlights of the week:

Monday night we said goodbye to Mariette and Irenes (recent converts) before they headed off to Paris for a 3 week vacation. We're sure going to miss them.

Tuesday we had exchanges with Soeur Castillo (my old compie) and Soeur Wade. I was with Soeur Wade and boy did we see a million miracles. We taught this young girl our age named Song. It was the first lesson with her and she had so many incredible questions. She just wanted to know every single lesson. It was really touching to watch a young girl want to come unto Christ and find His true church..a church that applies what they preach. After the lesson, Soeur Wade and I were just on cloud 9 from how it just seemed to click in her head. She will get baptized soon. No doubt. Later we contacted a lot and tried to find some new amis. We had some really cool contacts. There was a family from Washington that stopped us and said, "Missionaries?" we're were so stunned. Anyways it was a man, his wife, and 2 kids. Apparently they had a lot of member friends in Washington and they knew a lot about the church. He said everywhere they go (whether it be moving or on vacation) they ALWAYS run into missionaries..then he listed off where they've run into missionaries: Samoa, New Zealand, Washington, now France and a few other places I can't remember. We exchanged numbers with them and hopefully they will be taught soon. How cool?

Wednesday we didn't have a ton of time so Soeur Wade and I contacted for a little bit in the pouring rain and we found a sweet lady who prayed with us and she even shared her umbrella. Then she invited us over for dinner sometime! Soeur Lefrandt and I took a train back to Nancy and had interviews with our new President and his wife, Soeur Babin. They are awesome, and I just love them! Then the next day we had our big zone conference. The Babins are so inspired and knew just what to say to get us pumped up about missionary work and how to improve. Later Soeur Lefrandt and I went to see Jeanne (our ami from Cameroon) We were unsure how the lesson would go since we thought they lost interest. Turns out she had been reading the Book of Mormon and was a little confused since we didn't have enough time to explain very well it in the last lesson. So we explained as much as we could and she turned to us and said, "Thank you! Now I really really want to read this book. You have opened my eyes!" Warms my soul. There's no greater comfort than reading the word of God through His inspired prophets.

Later we saw our family we found last week. The family Pierre! They have a beautiful home and prepared a gorgeous fancy dinner. I love Catherine (the mom) She worked so hard that everything would be perfect. We got to meet her daughter, Lucille who is 7 who we just ADORE! By the end of th night we told her we were her sisters and she just put her arms around us and braided our hair the whole drive home. They are musicians so they performed some pieces and it was so darling. They had a lot of questions about baptism in our church and who we were as missionaries and what makes our church different than others.

Friday we saw the Ngoyandji's and talked about our baptismal covenants since they seem to be missing church sometimes. They are the funniest people. I love the African people.

Saturday we did service with the elders (taking off a ton of wallpaper) and then went to the baptism (or should I say wedding reception) for the bishop's son. They had it so decked out and fancy. It was really cute to see his 2 classmates come and support him with their families. It was an awesome sight to see.

Sunday was church and a big ward meal after because one of the member's son came home from his mission and it was a little get-together. 

Today Soeur Lefrandt and I went to the local aquarium and it was fun. Hopefully I can send some pictures of everything..I'm not sure why the photos haven't been working lately..but another great week!

Sœur Berge

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