Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunflowers and the Spirit

Howdy all!

Last Monday was awesome after P-day we went to a RDV with a lady named Jeanne. She was a referral from the elders here. We went over and she has this awesome daughter named Dianna. They are from Cameroon and are so believing. We sang and prayed with them and introduced who we were. There really is no greater joy than singing about Jesus with African friends. 

Tuesday we had exchanges and I went to Toul. My companion was Soeur Nielson from Utah. She is so sweet and so fun. We went porting for hours and it was a lot of fun other than the fact we didn't find anyone...sometimes that happens so we took a deep breath and snapped a photo in a sunflower field..all is well :) Then we had quite an adventure. We were trying to find an address for an old ami that used to be taught. This was my first experience ever in a car in France with a companion driving..that was really strange. I'm not used to being in a car. The GPS took us to some random road next to a train track...that was really scary, but we made it out alive..once again..all is well :)

Wednesday morning we had about 2 hours and Soeur Nielson and I really wanted to find a new investigator so we went out and contacted all morning and found 3 new amis and found a less active. It was awesome. Soeur Nielson is such an awesome missionary.

Then we met up and switched back and Soeur Lefrandt and I visited our crazy member Maite. She is soo funny. She bought Soeur Lefrandt a cake for her birthday so we went over to say thanks. She is such a hoot! She reminds me of a Nana only French.

Later we went to the Mankeriuss family and watched the Finding Faith in Christ video with them and the Spirit was really strong. Their two sons aren't members and they had so many questions after that. They aren't sure if they believe in God and Jesus Christ so we testified all we could. 

The more I hear people tell me they can't believe God exists, the more I believe because it's impossible to deny that feeling of being embraced by our loving Heavenly Father confirming "I am here. You are my child." I wish everyone could open their hearts and allow themselves to see the hand of God in their lives. 

Thursday we helped our dear friend, Christine pack up her house a bit and put some boxes together. She is so sweet. We sang for her son and her. They've been really busy with the move, but hopefully we will see them tonight! :) Later that day we went to Jeanne and Dianna's to show them the Restoration film. The lesson went really well. They are so sweet. Their friend, Bruno was there and you could tell he was really taking it all in. Hopefully they prayed to know it's true..because it is! :)

After that we met up with Colombe. When we first saw her she was a little down and said she just lost her internship so she was kinda bummed, so we went and got some ice-cream to cheer her up and share some scriptures with her. She is so awesome and I believe she wants this. She told us she is searching to know her own personal value in life which is awesome! Unfortunately, she just moved to another ward area so we had to pass her off to the elders there, but she said she would continue. She comes back in September, so we will see her when she comes back..fingers crossed because she is so cool. Next to the ice-cream parlor in the park there was a ton of older folk dancing and so we had to sieze THAT opportunity ;)

Friday we met with someone Soeur Lefrandt found on exchanges. Her name is Louisette. She is from Madagascar and has such a similar story to Jeanne in Saint-Nazaire. Her husband left her and it's been really hard. She doesn't have a family and much friends here in Nancy. We gave her a church tour and Soeur Lefrandt played a beautiful piano piece for her and the Spirit was really really strong. 

Saturday we had a sport day at the church and we invited everyone and their dog to come. We had quite a few people show up. Soeur Lefrandt and I invited gangsta friends last minute and they came.  The elders faces were priceless..gotta love it when you have gangsta's the church. The elders even gave them a tour after. They even rapped a song for us...not every day that happens..

Later we stopped by a less active member and they were home! We taught her daughter who is actually not a member..not sure how interested she is either, but the less-active is crazy. ;) We're going back next Friday and making cookies and crepes..oh boy.

Sunday was great as well. Last night we saw Merveille and her little brother was there who is a member in the south of France. We had such a fun FHE with them. Merveille's boyfriend made us an awesome meal and we shared a message about Jesus Christ. We're hoping he will really start studying it out for himself to know if what we're teaching is true. He's a cool guy and Soeur Lefrandt and I get along with them so well. We have so much fun everytime we go over there. We're excited to see what the future brings for them. 

This work is awesome. The church is true! Love you all!


Soeur Berge

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