Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trains For Days and Birthday Bashin'

Hey hey hey!

What a week! I don't think I've ever been more exhausted in my life. This week was insane. So Tuesday we had a 4 hour train ride to stuff. Then we rushed to he Prefecture to do my legality. So, get in line and grab a number..Soeur Lefrandt and I waited for 3 hours only to find out my Carte de Sejour was not there..yay! We love waiting in line for no reason! But it's all good. We ended up running into 2 amis, one that I taught while in Rouen and one that Soeur Lefrandt taught when she was there a year ago. There are no coincidences! Then we went to see Bumbo Bitanga, Eva Panou, and the Warengheins! It was so nice to see them all! It was also really fun to see Soeur Johns again :) Love that girl!

Wednesday morning Soeur Lefrandt and I got up at 4 am to take a 5 hour train to Strasbourg for our zone conference. That was quite an adventure. Then after the conference we took a 2 hour train ride back to Nancy. I have never spent so much time on a train! But it was fun. So that night we went on exchanges and I was with an awesome Sister named Soeur Judd. She is a firecracker and so much fun. We saw so many miracles! Wednesday we went and visited Christine, this lady Soeur Lefrandt and I contacted on the tram a few nights before. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and testified of eternal families which struck a spiritual cord in her heart as she had just lost her mom. Soeur Judd and I really noticed a special spirit when we walked into her home and you could feel she has such a good heart.

Thursday we pretty much contacted all day long it was fun. We met some really cool people and got to pray with a lot of cool strangers on the street. There was this one girl we contacted who was with her American guy friend! Right after we prayed with them, he prayed for us! How cool? That was a first for me but really touching that people would pray for us on the street. God exists and it is so cool to hear other's testimonies of seeing His hand in their life. Later that night we saw our lovely Egyptian family. We talked about prayer and the importance of going to church.

Friday we met with a girl we contacted named Colombe. She is from Brazzaville. She was so cool! We took her to the church for a tour and testified of the Book of Mormon. She had so many questions because she has heard a lot about our church. We hope we can see her next week. 

Later we went to a member family's house for an FHE with our ami, Bernadette. She's been going through a lot of trials lately and although Soeur Lefrandt and I prepared a message, the members ended up sharing their personal life experiences and she told us that was exactly what she needed to hear that night. It's awesome to see members feel the Spirit guide THEM what to say in lessons. Members are so important!

Saturday was unique! It was Soeur Lefrandt's birthday!! She got permission from President for her sister and her family to visit her for her birthday because they live in Finland. So we went to eat with them and got an ice-cream in the park. It was really fun for Soeur Lefrandt to see her niece and visit with her sister. Later we had a super interesting FHE, and the member bought Soeur Lefrandt an AWESOME, fancy cake and she blew out the candles and all. Fun day :)

Sunday was awesome! We went to church and all was normal. A teenage girl staying around Nancy came with her French host mom who loved being at church. She wasn't a member and we are hoping to go see them sometime. God bless America! Later that day we had another awesome miracle when we visited our cute less active, Merveille.Her boyfriend was there and he was super cool. She also had her little sister there and we threw ourselves a little FHE party! It was so fun. We shared that awesome Mormon Message called, 'Because of Him' (definitely a must watch for all) We are planning another FHE party with them next week. Get excited! Wahoo! Later yesterday night we went porting for 4 hours. No one was interested for the first 3 hours, but we didn't quit. We finally got let into a building but the lad wasn't interested so we decided to start from the top and work our way down to the bottom. Turns out the first door we knocked on in the building was a cute young couple who weren't super interested at first. They let us in to discuss with them and we ended up singing and praying with them. We had an awesome discussion about why we were here and why we'd give up so much to be in another country.

Well this week was all over the place, but missionary work is the best work. I've never felt so much stress and so much peace all at once :) I love this gospel. Brings so much joy. I love you all! Thanks for the prayers! Have a good week!


Soeur Berge

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