Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nancy France Weekly

goodbye soeur lefrandt <3 It was really hard to say goodbye to one of my bestest friends, but all great things must come to an end              
 bumped into elder CHEN! So pumped he's in the mission!

Not much time! Highlights-

MONDAY: Saw Mariette and Irenes after their really long vacation

TUESDAY: Soeur Lefrandt and I run all around our ville saying goodbye to people

WEDNESDAY: Transfer day! I had to say goodbye to Soeur Lefrandt and we headed out to Nancy, France. We did some contacting, taught some lessons, unpacked some bags. Pretty exciting stuff. It was so hard to say goodbye to Soeur Lefrandt after so much time spent together, but I'm really excited to work with Soeur Hosking from California! She is a miracle worker and full of hope, love, and joy. She is the perfect companion to help me finish my mission with a bang! Were so pumped for this transfer.

TUESDAY: We got to see Nune. She is awesome and I was so pumped for Soeur Hosking to meet her. They hit it off and we even got the elders to help us put some Russian mormon messages onto our USB to give to her. She loved it!

FRIDAY: We had a lesson with our amid  Benedicte. Her friend ended up being there and we got to teach him about the retag. We ended the night doing some contacting in the park.

SATURDAY: CONFERENCE! Oh how much I love general conference! 

SUNDAY: It did not feel like a Sunday... We actually had time to do our studies before going to the church. That never happens. After the Saturday Night Session, we had a potluck with all the missionaries. It was fun to just chat and eat in between sessions. The session ended and we sprinted down the street to catch the bus so that we could get home on time. It was a close one, but we made it. Then with the Elders on one side of the street and us on the other we went out contacting with the last 10 minutes of the night. Talk about obedience miracles, we found someone! They promised they would come to church :) 

Conference was absolulety incredible! I think my personal favorite was by Robbins about pleasing people and pleasing the Lord. I hope you all have a great week. Gotta run! Love you


Soeur Berge

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