Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No We're Not Here to Go to the Discothèque, We're Here to Preach!

HEY HEY HEY! Bonjour!

Another great week over here in the beautiful city of Rouen. This week was I was reminded of my dad a bit as the entire ville exploded this weekend with millions of YARD SALES! You heard it daddy-o, you missed the big yard sale in Rouen..dommage..(too bad)

Last Tuesday Soeur John's and I for P-day went to the GROS HORLAGE and discovered the history and design of clockwork..fascinating stuff!

Soeur Johns and I had the strange realization this week that we actually have "real" friends in Roeun, but only like 2 amis who want to learn about the church...ha. ha. ha. I find the fact that we were texted 3 times last week asking if we'd like to "go get a glass in town" hilarious. Yeah, no. We are going to remedy this by being a lot more bold with our baptismal invites this week or something. "like NO we are not here to hang out with you and all yo friends and go drinking... we are here to invite you come unto Christ by helping you receive the restored gospel...." It's so frustrating. #theproblemswehave   
Ok, ok..actually some of these people are cool. they just don't know how interested they really are yet. Let me tell you about them. 

Cindy. Last monday night we were walking around trying to find the apartment of someone we had met on the rue and I guess we looked lost because this random girl ran at us from across the street asking if we needed help. we didn't, but we contacted her anyways and although she was so so so uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes she started to open up. She is 26, French, atheist, and about to leave to Cambodia in June for her company. She comes from a catholic family, but never felt the love of God for her like she was supposed to when she prayed so she stopped believing He exists. We testified that we KNOW that He is there and that sometimes the answers to your prayers are not in the way you would expect, but that He always answers. She was really touched by that and agreed to meet up with us on Wednesday and take a tour of the church which went GREAT. In between meeting her and the RDV she had looked up the church website and found out that we were the Mormons, so obviously she had millions of questions. We only touched the surface of them in this first RDV, but she was anxious already to see us again this week. I just want her to be able to recognize that Heavenly Father loves her! That's the goal.

After Cindy on Wednesday, we saw Noella and she brought a friend, Nicolas. I think they thought it was an open mass kinda thing and were a little confused we were doing a church tour, but it still turned out great. The Spirit was really strong and they were really interested in what we believe and the organization of the church. We will see! We know that this church is the only true church and that if they seek to know for themselves that they will be blessed and Heavenly Father will answer!

Later we went to Kalobe family again. The husband and the oldest boy had to go to the store, but we gave them a brochure in Malagasy about Joseph Smith, for them to really understand in their own language. Later we saw Liliane and discovered that she is a strong member of the huge Nigerian church here...we just need to find the preacher. Roeun would literally become it's own stake if their congregations converted..we're still on the lookout for them... :)

Camille, Wendy, Anne-zoé. our three contacters. Well they came to the missionary meal for our big zone conference with President and Soeur Poznanksi and about 26 missinaries. It was so cool for them to hear different conversion stories and feel the spirit of missionary work. They brought a beautiful, colorful, daisy bouquet for the Poznanksi's! They had so many questions and really enjoyed the experience. It was really cool to see Camille ask Soeur Callister, another sister here in Roeun. She asked Soeur Callister if she had seen any miracles in her life and Soeur Callister talked about how she noticed while on her mission that people they would meet would actually be asking God for help to know He is really there and then they would meet the missionaries. Little did Soeur Callister know that that example was perfect because it relates so much to those 3 girls. I think they want to know if it's true. They are just unsure if they are ready to make changes. We are planning on being more bold with them and have faith to have them come unto Christ even more! :)

This week was one of those great, but also rough weeks on the mission. It's ok. We have those sometimes. We are human and it's part of the process. Luckily, we have our Heavenly Father who pours out His love for us at which point He has given His Son for our weaknesses, trials, illness, heartbreak, sins, and sorrow. What a blessing that is. What a blessing it is we have the true church with the real authority to make promises to God..the authority to heal the sick and comfort the heavy-laden. What a privilege to be a small instrument for Heavenly Father and to add my testimony to the thousands of other testimonies out there preaching and bringing others unto Christ. This church is true. I know it. I know we all CAN know it, if we just ask our all powerful maker, Heavenly Father.

Love you all! Have a great week! Study the objective for missionaries for it is actually the objective for members as well! "Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel by faith in Jesus Christ and in His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and by enduring to the end." Go out and invite others to come unto Christ!


Soeur Berge

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