Tuesday, June 24, 2014



So first things first..I'm staying in Rouen with Soeur Johns for another beautiful 6 weeks!! We are so excited. I love it here and I'm so so so excited for the things to come.

This week was crazy crazy! 

Miracles from the week:

So we wanted to teach the Kalobe family with a member and were struggling to figure out who would be a good match. We originally thought the Bitanga's would be good, but they couldn't make it so we invited another member who is also African. So he came with us and they start talking with Tarolin and it turns out that the dad was a professional soccer player.....guess who else is a professional soccer player?..Tarolin! What a great match they are. They are almost the same age and both have common interests. It turned out to be a way better match than we ever thought so we are going to see where that goes. We just love the Kalobe's so much. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and we finally gave it to them in Malagasy and they are so excited to read it. 

We also saw Noella, our friend from Rwanda! She had so many questions and luckily Frere Bitanga so happened to be at the church and he was able to attend with us. He is an incredible teacher and we so appreciate it when he is in lessons.

Then we saw Laura. It had been a LONG time since we have seen her. We got a text from her saying she wasn't really interested in the church anymore for the moment..we were devestated! She was on the path with a baptismal date. So we went to see her and she told us it just wasn't her time. She watched more conference talks and knows the church is good and one day she may get baptized, but she knows it won't be easy and she doesn't feel ready right now. So sad because we know how much this will bless her, but we respect her agency and I just love her. I know one day she will be ready and we don't want to push her and force her to baptism. She has to want it..One day..one day..

Also saw Nina..her mom moved back. Her mom is a really active member. We are hoping and praying for good things!!

Also had to do my legality this week and wait at the prefecture for hours..joy..then we had to do the same thing for Sr Johns..only in Versailles..ROAD TRIP! So we headed to Paris this week and had 5 minutes to stop by the Notre Dame lock bridge..then back to Rouen. 

We have had a lot of people who progress and then fall back..but we are trying to be positive and look on the bright side. We had an awesome FHE Saturday night with the branch and we had some LAUGHS. 

Also we had the BEST P-DAY EVER!! We went to the zoo with the Warengheins. It was the bessssstttt!! We had such a wonderful day! I love them..she even packed us the most delish lunch..yes there was a baguette..

Other than that, not much new stuff..the other sister companionship is being transferred so now we are the only soeurs in rouen and another elder companionship is coming! Also Elder Lamb is serving here! Shout out to Michelle BERGE! Elder Lamb always tells me about how he is in Michelle's ward and I always forget to say something so there ya go :)

Life over here is wonderful..we have our hard moments, but with faith we can move mountains! 

Soeur Berge

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