Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gold to Cold and Cold to GOLD!

Playing a little badminton


Well what another incredible week here in Rouen, France! First off, Soeur Johns and I have just found this extreme fire for missionary work this week and it was incredible. Left and right we witnessed so many miracles!

Ok so last Monday night we got to have an FHE with one of my favorite families on the planet, the BERTRANDS. They are so much fun and I love their family. Soeur Bertrand has to be one of my favorite people ever. Soeur Johns and I just love them. 

We taught Kalobe family again and they are doing great. It's becoming a real struggle to communicate with them, but luckily they feel the Spirit really strong so we just have to keep praying for the gift of tongues and that they can make it to church one Sunday. Pray for them!

Also saw Camille, Wendy, and AnneZoe. They are so awesome! They are such smart girls and we have become such close friends with them.

Later that night we had some time and were porting around and found a man named Atif! He is muslim but thought what we were doing was so cool. We plan on teaching him and passing him over to the elders. 

Thursday we saw Juliette and Blessing and taught the 10 commandments emphasizing church attendance. Sadly, they couldn't make it to church.

We had a lot of other rdv's that fell through..which is always really hard because it Satan's way of attacking our hope, but luckily we didn't let it get to us. 

Friday morning we were walking to the church and we contacted a lady named Elisabeth. She is so cool and we began talking to her about the church and then we ended up feeling very prompted to invite her for a tour right then. Normally people are busy, but she was so excited. We walked into the chapel with her and immediately I felt like we needed to share the canticles book (hymnal) with her so and so we did and she asked if we could sing one. We sang Nearer My God to Thee and the Spirit was so strong. She began to cry and told us how she felt about being in this church with two women of God. We prayed together and then she asked if she could pray too and it was the nicest prayer ever. She was thanking Heavenly Father for sending her two young girls and for answering her prayers. Apparently she had been having a rough time and asked God to feel His love and then we contacted her and she was overwhelmed with God's love for her. We hope we can see her soon. It was such a Friday morning miracle!!

Later we saw Ludivine and taught her for the first time on our own since the other sisters passed her over. We talked a lot about the Savior and His Atonement because she had been having a lot of questions about HOW it's possible that Christ did that for us and HOW is it possible that it's real? During the lesson Soeur Johns and I shared a lot of personal experiences we hadn't planned on sharing which completely invited the Spirit. It was such a powerful lesson for me as well. As a missionary I know I need to have a sufficient amount of faith to encourage others to have faith. Everytime one of our amis asks us a question, I ask myself that question and reflect on my own testimony. I kept asking myself Ludivine's question..HOW is it possible that Christ suffered sufficienlty for all the difficult moments, for all of our mistakes, for all of our sins and weaknesses..HOW could that all be paid for and wrapped together in one package called the Atonement? How is it possible we deserve that gift? Immediately I felt such love from the Savior as I was taught a powerful lesson that day. We need not focus so much on the HOW it's possible, but WHY it's possible. Jesus Christ suffered. He died. He chose that because He knew it was the only way we could overcome our natural state and return to our Heavenly Father in a glorified state. How incredible is that? I love the power of the Spirit and how it can touch our hearts as we try to help our brothers and sisters here in France progress on their journey back to our Father.

Later we saw Nina and we taught her about Christlike attributes. Last lesson we asked her how we could help her progress towrads baptism. She has been taught every lesson in the book several times, so we just decided to ask her, Nina what do YOU want to be taught? and she said Christlike qualities, which is exactly what this whole month of June is about. Soeur Johns and I are giving all our members the Christlike Attribute Activity found at the end of Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel..I encourage you all to go and do the activity. It's so wonderful! 

Saturday we had tons of lessons set up and they ALL fell through except for the lesson that night. We just kept perservering through the day despite all the setbacks we had that day and FINALLY the miracle came at the end of the day. We went to Rachel's that night. She is an ancient amie that is really hard to get a hold of, but we set something up with her. This is the 2nd lesson I've ever been to with her. We showed her the film of the restoration of the church and we testified and poured out our souls to her. We invited to her to be baptized if she knew it was the true church and she accepted. WOW! It was so cool to see her heart touched and accept this. She promised she would come to church the next day...and SHE CAME! After so many weeks of inviting and inviting people and promising blessings..our amies FINALLY CAME! It was so awesome! Soeur Johns and I ended up missing sacrament trying to find her, but luckily we got to take it in the Bishop's office afterwards. 

Church was also followed by a big branch meal and it was so fun to chat and hang out with these awesome members! I really thought I was going to be leaving Rouen this transfer and at first I was unsure because I like change and moving a lot, but after being around these people again on Sunday, I just grew such a stronger love for all of them and I really feel like I could never leave Rouen. My heart is just so stuck here. I love these members who are just so special. I love our amies that are finally putting forth effort after weeks and weeks of being let down. I love how Soeur Johns and I have decided to be even bolder with our contacting all around us and it's working! We decided no more making conversations with people and slipping in the gospel..NO We are just going to tell everyone in sight that we are the missionaries for the true church of Jesus Christ and if they want to find the same joy we have, they should come to church and meet with us for the lessons.

One last miracle from Saturday night as we were almost home from our lesson with Rachel, we were on the metro and a lady got on and sat next to Soeur Johns. She was on the phone. I heard her say something about Jesus Christ and that caught my attention. Then she said 'church' and 'Christian' in her conversation so I nudged Soeur Johns to see if I heard that right and she just says back, "Don't worry, I'll talk to her." Our metro stop was only 2 stops away and she was still on the phone. My hopes and dreams are being crushed as I realized we weren't going to be able to talk to her. I prayed that she would end her call and let us talk to her so we would have enough time before our stop. Literally one minute after I prayed in my head, her phone call ended and we started talking to her. She was SO interested and immediately asked us a million questions about our exact doctrines and it was so intense. She ended up getting off the SAME stop as us so we kept talking to her. She saw her bus about to leave so she told us she had to run and catch the bus. So we ran with her and we made the bus driver wait so we could get her number. HECK YEAH! It was so awesome! We plan on seeing her hopefully tonight if we can! SO PRAY FOR DANIELA! 

Well that's about all I have time to share today. I love this work, I love this people, I love this gospel, and I just love my life! Couldn't be happier! 

Love you all!


Sœur Berge

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