Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Game. Set. Match.

Got to play a little tennis

This is Rouen.

These cuties are good missionaries already.

Howdy errbody!

This week was another fun week in Rouen.

So to pick up from Wednesday, we actually had a really rough day because we had a packed day full of RDV's and we were so excited. They ALL fell through! We were so bummed. We tried contacting people as well, but no one seemed to be interested. We just didn't know why we were having an off day. But it's ok, because sometimes that just happens. We did however go to Eva and Barbara's house. They made cake for Soeur Johns and we had, yes, another little birthday party for Soeur Johns! Haha it was such a blast and Soeur Johns and I are soooo full of cake from last week. 

So Thursday we had an incredible day and we realized it was because we had pushed through the hard day and wouldn't let it affect our attitude the next day. So first thing in the morning we went to see Myrielle. She is an awesome student that the other sister's found and she lives in our area. She lives in a dorm-like apt and Soeur Johns and I felt so wierd like we were back at BYU in the dorms. WHAT! haha but we found her and got to know her and see what the other soeurs had taught her. So we talked about prayer and it was so great to see a young, believing girl with so much faith and good habits like prayer. She's really cool.

Then we taught ELODIE! She is INCREDIBLE!!! We contacted her a few weeks ago and then she was sick so we couldn't meet with her until this week. She speaks fluent English because she lived in Canada for 9 months and studies English. So we talked to her about the Restoration of the gospel and whoa it was such an incredible conversation. We talked about how God never changes and He will always call a prophet if we are righteous for a prophet and she was so receptive and at the end of the lesson she was just so amazed that God's church is on the Earth. It was so cool to watch her gain this knowledge and hunger to pray to know if it's true. She is so sweet, but she's moving to England in a few weeks for a while to study more English, but we know the missionaries there will take good care of her. We are probably going to see her this upcoming week as well :)

Then we saw Ludivine. What a doll! We explained the gospel of Jesus Christ and Soeur Barnjak's testimony was great and really helped Ludivine understand that sometimes choosing to follow the example of Jesus Christ isn't easy sometimes when family doesn't accept it quickly, but it always turns out in the end and the blessings always come! 

Then we went to the family Kalobe. The husband is out of town for 2 weeks and so we just talked with her about the Book of Mormon with a Malagasy brochure. She was pretty sick and we felt so bad that she wasn't feeling well, but she is just so sweet and the kids are so cute.

Later we went and saw Rachel!! She is so awesome. We saw her with Soeur Loemba who is also from the Congo and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soeur Loemba is such a bold member!!! We invited Rachel to set a date and she accepted the 28th of June. We hope we can start teaching her family and get them all ready for that date. Can you imagine the blessings that would bring this family! And they really love church and want to be a part of it. They are so awesome!

Friday we saw Nina and talked about virtue and how to keep ourselves clean and fill our days and minds with things of the Lord. Also we have a miracle! The elders are starting to teach her husband. So awesome!! We are excited to see what happens with them.

Saturday was great! MORE MIRACLES! We saw Leilah Kalobe and the boys. We had been trying to set up a tour with them for so long so they could come and see where the church was. They finally got there to the big metro/bus stop and there was a huge stand selling everything and so we got some chichi's (churros) to share with them and there was a HUGE parade going on. We had no idea what it was for, but it was so cool. She really enjoyed the tour as well. 

Also a HUGE miracle is Eric. So we met Eric on the bus. We got on and sat right behind him. He kept turning around and looking at our plaques. I couldn't tell if he was interested or just a little off. So Soeur Johns asks if he's heard of the church and he said yeah! He had been to Salt Lake and he just saw the Elders walk by THAT morning, but he didn't talk to them and it was such a miracle he saw us on the bus. He is so cool. He is in his 40's we assume and he lives in our area by a ton of members. We talked to him very briefly about the church, but then had to get off at our stop. So we asked if he'd ever been to a church reunion before for our church and he said no, so we invted him to come the next day.....more to come...

Then that night we did some finding..no success, but then as we get off our metro stop to go home for the evening we see a mom and her son....I immediately recognize them from a bus stop over 2 weeks ago. We sat next to them and the little boy was so cute. Soeur Johns and I keep a ton of stickers and toys to give away to children. It's a great way to start a conversation. Turns out I had given the little boy a few stickers that day and then we didn't get to get her number. Well I saw her and asked how she was and she recognized us too. It's awesome how Heavenly Father places people in our route and how He helps us remember people. So this time we invited her to church and got her number and she wants to meet with us..hopefully soon.

Sunday was such a miracle day as well. Eric came to church!! He came for all 3 hours and loved it all! He was super receptive and the whole day was about the restoration..perfect since we've never even taught him a lesson. It was a powerful Sunday and I know he felt the Spirit! He is so legit! He really wants a Book of Mormon so we are stoked to see him again and give him one. The members also were so great with welcoming him and making him feel at ease and all the members kept telling us how much they love him and how cool he is. He gets along with the members in this branch so well!! 

Later we had the best FHE with the Barnjak's and Ludivine. We did the 10 commandments with our hands (coolest trick ever to remember the 10 commandments) and it was so fun and they thought it was so funny..because it is. It was a great lesson, the Spirit was strong and it was incredible for Ludivine to see HOW the gospel blesses families and the Barnjaks are so strong and Ludivine adores them. Then Soeur Barnjak made the yummiest cakes. We just love that family. They are so welcoming and loving.

Today we spent our P-day with them again. Bruno, their son, and Andersen, another member in the ward and Soeur Johns and I played tennis with them for a bit and it was sooo fun. It was sooooo nice to get back into the swing of things. I have missed it so much. It felt so great and it was such a nice day and we had a blast with those two characters.Then we played Rummikub.

All in all, I have never been happier. We have such cool amies here and the members are really progressing a lot too. I love them so much. The church is true. I love this gospel. I would never be anywhere other than here in Rouen serving the Lord, preaching the gospel, spreadin the good news, sharing my knowledge of Christ with random people on the streets, and being around great people. Gotta love life!

Have a good week!


Sœur Berge

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