Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boat Races and Baby Blessings


This week was wonderful! I love Rouen, I love the branch, I love the people, I love the atmosphere, I love my companion, I love being a missionary!

This week we did a lot of finding and we had quite a few people fall through. But that's ok because the church is still true, the sky is always blue, and there are lots of things to still do! :)

On Wednesday, we had one lesson in particular that fell through so Soeur Johns and I decided to call everyone and their dog in the phone. There was one family in particular that we felt we needed to call. I met them with Soeur Castillo one morning right before church. I saw this family and I hate watching a family walk past me without at least talking to them, so we started talking to them, and they said they had no time, but gave us their number even still. So, we decided to call them and they said we could come over! COOL! Later that night we met a girl named Joannie. We only had about 30 minutes before we had to return to our apt. We contacted Joannie and she said she had time so we walked to the church and gave her a tour. She was so interesting, but sweet. The spirit was really strong and it was a miracle contact :)

Thursday we went to our great and spacious building..but here's the catch..all of the public transportation was shut down for May Day here in France. They have this holiday on the 1st of May where everyone can sell flowers on the street and everyone gives each other flowers. There was this big race with these tiny boats all over the river and it was so cool. We walked by and it was the coolest thing ever. We snapped a few photos..these boats just amaze me. Soeur Johns and I felt a little touch of home warm our hearts for this is the closest thing we have to nascar..redneck hometowns...so then we walked about 2 miles to go porting in great and spacious building and we just had miracle after miracle. First this Mongolian girl named Anu opened the door. Her mom didn't speak French so we taught Anu how to pray. Super sweet girl! Then we met Emilie who isn't believing, but said we could come in. So cool! She had cats. Later we went porting mansions at the top of a hill in mont-saint-aignon and got to sing for a couple and their two grand daughters in their mansion. SCORE! Then we came home and soaked our feet for walking around 11 miles that day! 

Friday we stopped by a member Soeur Bachelet. It was a last minute visit but we felt we needed to see her. Just as we rung her intercom she told us she was unloading the groceries. When we got to her apt we helped her with everything she needed done. She still has a swollen sprained wrist in a cast and can't do much, so we just stopped and cleaned everything for her and she was really grateful. Later we saw the family Kalobe. Our family we called! They are from Madagascar and just the sweetest little family. They have two boys ages 4 and 2. And both parents are interested and love our rdvs! Never happens! So cool! We saw them again on Saturday and showed them the Finding Faith in Christ video. It was so cool as we watched the video, the little boy who is 4 years old was just so captivated and watched the entire thing without a blink. While I saw him take in the stories of Jesus, I could just see him one day as a missionary preachin the good word to people on the streets. We have a big vision for this family and we're excited to see where it goes.

Sunday was so awesome! The church was packed. Our branch president's daughter was blessed and they had so many visitors. It was so cool. The missionaries were invited to stay after for the big meal and mingle with their friends. I was, of course, found at the children's table learning all their names. I felt like such a winner. I love them! And the meal was awesome. Also on Sunday we got a surprise visit from a family who lives in Nogent! They were vacationing not far from the chapel so they decided to come to church in Rouen. I was freaking out! I love them. Such a wonderful surprise!

Well that's about all folks. Something cool that I learned this week was about our will and desires. When we do the will of Heavenly Father, His will becomes our will. And when that takes place, we essentially are becoming more like our Heavenly Father. We all have goals and dreams and desires, but it takes putting them into action and making them reality rather than just always talking about it. So get up and accomplish a goal you have!


Sœur Berge

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