Sunday, May 4, 2014

Preppin for Pâques!

Reunited with Soeur Huckstep on the right (MTC companion)
found my street

Beautiful double rainbow from our window

Hey Hey Hey...

So another week of miracles!!

Tuesday we had a super cool lesson with Laura. She says she still hasn't gotten the answers to her questions, but she says she wants it to be true. She even committed to getting baptized the 12th of April and we promised her that she would get the answers to her questions if she just shows her faith to Heavenly Father. We are praying so hard that she will open her heart to feeling the Spirit so she can get answers to her questions. We also had an awesome lesson with Kate. Kate is from Ohio and the coolest girl! She has so much faith and does so much service and really understands prayer and you can tell she has a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father. She just radiates with the light of Christ. We showed the Restoration film with Joseph Smith and she LOVED it! She said it was totally possible. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it.

Wednesday we had an awesome conference with President Poznanski and 3 zones from the mission. Right now we're preparing for PÂQUES! EASTER!! I am so pumped. What better message to share right now other than Jesus Christ overcame death for us and He was resurrected. He lives! We had such a cool training and we get to put flyers in mailboxes! SO FUN! The plan is to put the flyers into the mailboxes of specific streets we prayed about and on the flyers it says we will pass by a few days later and share a message about Jesus Christ. I am so excited! So Soeur Castillo and I prayed and chose a few streets. Of those streets two of them are Rue Castille and Rue aux Bergers. They are in a really nice neighborhood a street over from a really solid member family.

Thursday we went to Elbeuf to teach Leonilde. The elders passed her over to us. She didn't really have much desire so we had to let her go for now, but we ran into this lady who helped us find the bus. She was so nice and thought we were so cool so she invited us to come back next week to meet her daughter and get to know them. cool!

Friday we had a packed day. We went to see Blessing and Juliette. They are both from Nigeria and live in a building in a not very nice area. It's a building where people live in while they wait for their it's interesting. We had an ok lesson and tried to teach the rest of the Plan of Salvation, but their kids were crazy and then this man came in and said some inappropraite things to me telling me he was taking me back to Africa to be his wife..luckily Heavenly Father protects His missionaries and I will not be going to Africa. The lesson ended with Blessing giving the went a little something like this.."Heavenly Father..(long pause)..I don't remember your name...." Then Juliette says, "HIS NAME IS JEHOVAH!" next thing I know Soeur Castillo nudges my shoulder and I look up to see them all just staring at me. Apparently Blessing couldn't remember MY name because she wanted to pray for us. We all ended up laughing so hard! It was probably one of the funniest moments of my life.

Later we saw Nina. She knows she needs to get baptized and she has a testimony..she just keeps saying 'one day' she has been an investigator for so long. I hope we can help he finally make this covenant with Heavenly Father. In the meantime, we will be praying really hard for inspiriation to help her.

Later we saw Lilian with Soeur Bitanga. Lilian is from Nigeria and is engaged to a member who is currently still in Nigeria. She has the CUTEST, wildest little girl named Lian who, by the end of the lesson, was my best friend. It was a hectic lesson and I think I ended up sitting in 5 different spots during the lesson. I was playing with Lian while translating everything into French for Souer Bitanga so she could help participate, while also testifying and teaching Lilian. It was such a fun rdv! Lian is so darling. She is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen! Lilian was awesome too! She has so much faith and said she will prepare for her baptism for April now, but she really wants to study it out. She says she doesn't want to do it just because her fiance is a member and she doesn't want to do it halfway, she wants this to be a part of her life. She is so great!

Yesterday we had miracles left and right! We started by stopping by our member family, the Barnjak's to pray with them and help them with their own missionary efforts. Then we distributed all he flyers we had packed with us on 4 streets. It was so fun! We felt like Santa's little helpers placing little pink sheets of paper explaining we will come back and share a beautiful message about Jesus Christ. Basically we are giving them a piece of paper saying we will come back in a few days and the Spirit will CHANGE their lives! :) So pumped.

So after we went porting and the first door we got to was this young guy around our age named Steven. He was really cool and we shared a message about the first vision ad Joseph Smith at his front door. He said it was cool and would meet with us another day to learn more. WOW! So cool. We plan on seeing him this week and passing him over to the elders. Later we met another guy around our age named Richard. He is from Senegal and was watching soccer. We ended up sharing the first vision again with him and shared the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong and it was cool to just watch the Holy Ghost touch his heart and humble him to accept its truth. As we were standing at his door the Spirit just prompted us to be bold so I extended a baptismal invitation and he accepted! As I told him it wasn't by coincidence that we met him he replied, "Wow that was exactly what I was just thinking." He told us how he has been waiting to have answers to his questions and he was so excited to learn more. Such a miracle! We are seeing him tonight at the church with the elders to pass him over as well. 

Easter is coming up and we should all be preparing ourselves to feel the special holiday spirit. As we study the life of the Savior and improve our own personal relationship with Him, we will grow closer in oneness with Him and our Father. Prepare yourselves for General Conference. What an incredible occasion to hear from a prophet of God and the apostles! I am getting so excited I am just exploding with how badly I want everyone to come to conference. I just want to invite every random stranger in the metros, on the trains, and on the buses to come hear the words of a prophet of God! Catch the wave and invite your friends to conference!!!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week. God is our Father. He sent His Son Jesus Christ for us and for all our weakness and burdens. Because He love us. I love you all! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of my cute niece and nephew. I am in so much shock at how much change is happening and realize I've been gone for such a long time. It still feels like I just left! I love it though and wouldn't be anywhere else! 



Sœur Berge

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