Sunday, May 4, 2014

His Arms Stretched Towards Us


First off, wow so much baby news my brain is exploding! Congrats to all especially my brother and ma sister in law! Babies are just beautiful!

Ok, so last monday night we had a cool miracle..we were trying to find an address to pass by someone we found in the area book. While we were crossing the street we saw this mom and her two daughters and I just felt we stopped them in the middle of a highway on a tiny cross walk thing (hard to explain) and as we told them who we were the mom says, "We were literally just in the middle of a conversation about God..where's your church?" So cool! We ended up getting her number and address and prayed with them in the middle of a highway..coolest experience ever. She didn't end of coming to church or to our rdv but we are going to make it happen.

Tuesday we had exchanges. I was with Soeur Thibault and Soeur Castillo was with Soeur Wynn (name ring a bell? :) It was such a fun exchange. Soeur Thibault is just an incredible missionary and I'm so grateful for the older missionaries in our mission who are just spiritual powerhouses and still have so much enthusiasm about missionary work and the gospel.

We ended up going to see Gregory, the man we ported into my first Sunday here in Rouen. He had so many questions about the Book of Mormon and he was really intrigued by how we pray. I really hope we can set something up and pass him to the elders, he really is a cool guy and the gospel will only change his life for the better. We also stopped by my favorite people, Soeur Panou and Barbara!! Love them!

Wednesday we met with Nina. She is so awesome. She has 2 daughters and a son. Her oldest daughter, Enricka is 16 and a member and comes every Sunday. Nina wants to get baptized, but it's complicated with her husband. We talked about families and how the gospel brings so much joy to our families. 

Thursday we saw LAURA. She is so solid. She is 20 and a student. She is raelly interested in learning about religions. One of the members who is on a mission now invited her and a bunch of his friends over to his house before he left and they had the missionaries go and then they started teaching Laura. So before I got here Laura had been reading the Book of Mormon and saying how she agrees with the doctrine, but she just gets bad feelings and she doesn't understand why. She wants it to be true and she likes it, but she is just really confused. We shared some Mormon Messages with her and she was really touched. We encouraged her to watch the Elder Bednar's message about discerning light and receiving revelation and she said she would. We have been praying so hard she will be touched by the Spirit and get her answers. She is really cool and has such real desire.

Friday we went to a ville that it kinda far away to see an ami named Lionilde. She is really cool and has the cutest little baby. We read 3 Nephi 11 together and the Spirit was really strong. She was supposed to be baptized this weekend, but she hasn't been answering the elders in a while. The elders passed her over to us now, so we are just going to figure it out with her. It's so hard when people live so far from the church.

Later we had our meeting with our ward mission leader and he is so awesome! This branch has so much fire to get the missionary work going it's incredible! I love the energy and vision that our leader and our branch president has. 

Saturday we had a lot of lessons set up that pretty much all fell through :( But it's ok because at the end we had an awesome Family Home Evening with Nina and her family. We spent so long trying to figure out a fun thing to do with the family and finally I remembered that one family home evening we did when we had to cut out the shape of our feet and draw our faces on it..I just remember it was so funny so we decided to do that and put a picture of Christ out and talk about the attributes of Christ and how we can 'follow in his footsteps' It was really fun and the feet people turned out really good. The dad who isn't a member and a little hesitant about the church even participated. We ended up having a huge discussion about forgiveness and there was a little tension, but we only pray they were able to get something more out of the lesson.

Sunday was so awesome. Sometimes it's a little hard to be 'spiritually fed' in a way you can when it's your first language, but Sunday was the first time on my mission that I just felt so nourished by the word of God and I felt like I personally grew and learned from the incredible people in this branch. Frere Bitanga, our ward mission leader just gave the coolest lesson about desire, hope, and faith and he is so incredible at breaking down complicated concepts into a simple way that everyone understands and everyone learns so much. A really cool comment by the elder's recent convert during the class, "When the scriptures say we need to become as little children, we need to think about how a little child learning to walk and taking it's first steps. When a child learns to walk, there is always a parent with their arms stretched forth for a baby to walk towards them. It's the same with our celestial parents. We have to walk with faith, baby step by baby step and we have to remember that Heavenly Father's arms are always stretched forth to us beckoning us to walk by faith towards Him." I loved that and the more I thought about it, the more I felt it is just so true. Heavenly Father loves us and He is always calling for us to come to Him, but it depends on our steps of faith to be close to Him. 

Life is great in Rouen. Beautiful ville. Beautiful Branch. Beautiful Gospel. Beautiful people waiting to hear the Jesus Christ is their Savior and He LOVES THEM! Soeur Castillo and I are super excited for this week to really weed through the amis and start focusing on finding new people to bring coser to Christ. It's going to be a great week full of adventures! Praying for you all so much! Love you all and thanks for the support! :)


Soeur Berge

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