Sunday, May 4, 2014

Passing the Test

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The missionaries in Rouen


Well..what an interesting week..

Last monday night we did a church tour with Richard and the elders to pass him off and he is sooo awesome! Just being able to watch the Spirit touch his heart is incredible. He loved the church tour and at the end he had awesome questions about the book of mormon! When we walked into the Sacrament Meeting he told us he couldn't explain what he was feeling, but that he felt a difference from before he entered the room. He is so receptive to the Spirit! He has been so prepared for the gospel it's crazy! He even came to the elder's baptism on Saturday and Wilfried (who is the same age and goes to the same college) totally exchanged numbers and later they rode home together on the bus. Wilfried told the elders that Richard had so many questions and Wilfried just testified that this is the truth and this is what Richard is searching for. How cool! The elders had a family home evening with Richard and Wilfried at another family's house last night. How incredible! I am so sad we don't get to teach him, but happy to pass him off to the elders knowing they will take care of him. Wilfried also told the elders he wanted to attend all the lessons for Richard! So cool!! It's incredible to watch the change in people!

Wednesday we had an interesting experience..well we had a rdv with Steven at the church (the other guy we met last Sunday night when we met Richard.) We were passing him off to the elders so we planned a church tour. Well when Steven showed up he brought a friend....I think he might've thought it was a double date with Soeur Castillo and I..haha oh man..but luckily the elders were waiting with us so I just said, "Let's go have the tour!" haha it could've been super awkward, but we just carried on like it was normal. It turned out pretty good. I know they felt the Spirit and Steven thought it was cool. His friend wasn't really interested, but they were both nice.

We did a lot of porting and a lot of finding this week. There was a lot of opposition and not very many people were open, but we know that this is just the opposition. We did teach a 94 year old man at his door. He looked really good for 94! I thought he was in his 70s. We also had a funny we were contacting one night, we stopped this young girl named Aurelia even though it was around time to go to the appartement. She was really nice and we ended up praying with her on the street. Meanwhile a member family that lived close by drove by us and saw us praying with her. We didn't even know til we went over on Sunday to share a spiritual thought and they told us they saw us praying with someone on the street. They were so shocked and just thought it was so crazy, "how did you end up praying with her?" haha we were so shocked that they were shocked..i just wonder sometimes what members think we do all day....

Saturday the elders had their baptism. Wilfried! He is so cool. The elders met him by the bus stop in January and Wilfried said he only had 2 minutes before his bus and the elders contacted him and he felt something different about them. He takes notes every Sunday and is so awesome. He's in his 20s and from Cameroon. He was nonstop smiling the entire Saturday it was so cool to see. Also Richard attended and they just became instant friends.

Sunday after church I wasn't feeling too great, but we decided to go out anyways. As soon as we got outside I felt fine. We ended up coming home on time and the minute we walked in the door I felt terrible again. I learned a great lesson about just going out anyways even when you don't feel well because the Lord will help you have the strength. This week I feel like we are taking a test of opposition and I know we can pass it. Miracles are waiting us! After the trial of our faith, great things come!

So I thought the illness was a minor thing and then I woke up Monday and was really sick and that's why we are emailing today (Tuesday)'s all's part of life! I just can't wait to be 100% again so we can go out and invite everyone to attend conference. I am sooo excited for general conference I've been pretty much counting down the days til it arrives. I love general conference!!! I encourage you all to prepare for conference now! Reflect upon your life, where you were, where you are now, and where you are going. Think of questions and take them to conference! It's 10 hours of revelation! What could be better than that!!

Love you all! Have a great week! I'll join with you at conference Saturday by transmission! Wahoo!

Have a blessed week

Soeur Berge

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