Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter Miracles and Hungry Kitties

Got to see our previous sister training leaders
Reunited with my trainer, Soeur Wynn and "bleu" Soeur Sorenson
Teaching the cat
On the train
Beautiful spring
Typical street in Rouen
Reunited with my MTC group (11 months into the mission)


Well Spring has sprung!!

This week was so great! Why? Because I can SPEAK! wahoo! I have a voice now and it's preaching the gospel to everyone in SIGHT! This week, my bleu fire was rekindled! I promised Heavenly Father if he'd let me speak, I would talk to every person in sight...and that's exactly what I did! SO FUN!

Tuesday we had our SISTERS' CONFERENCE! It was so much fun. President and Soeur Poznanski gave us some formations and then we had some cool workshops. We got make-up tutorials by a member in Versailles who owns her own salon, we got accessories from members in France, and we did crafts and made cards. It was mainly just sooo fun to see all the sisters. These awesome girls just become your best friends and I love them all!

Wednesday was awesome. We met Mme Wong. She is Chinese and has her own little purse shop. Soeur Castillo really needed a new bag and we hadn't found a good one on P-day. We saw her little stand outside her shop and saw that the price was really good and it was lunch hour so we went in and I saw her Buddhist statue and I asked if she was believing and we had a really cool conversation with her. It was so interesting because she asked us who the man on the cross is. So we want to go back and give her the Finding Faith in Christ video so she can watch it in Chinese. She was so cute. I love her!

Later we went and packed some stuff for a member in our branch who is moving. She is really fragile and she has a lot of sutff. Luckily the branch is going to pitch in after we said it was necessary, so that will be good.

Thursday we saw Laura. She had been super sick, but she is finally better! She told us about how she has been teaching her friends the 10 commandments because we taught her with a cool hand gestures. Also she told us how her parents are totally cool with her getting baptized and she said it's something she really wants to do. Wow! So we went over the interview questions with her so she can see how many more lessons she needs. She is so awesome! I love her!

We saw Nina and her family and also Liliane and cute little Liane, although Liliane had a really bad headache so that was difficult.

Saturday we went porting foreverrr and it was so much fun! We met some pretty interesting people, but the miracle of the day was after an entire day of talking to everyone. The one lady we found that was interested happened around 8:45 as we were heading home. Wow! After an entire day, the miracle came during the last 15 minutes of our day. So glad we were obedient to find Sandrine. She was so excited about our message, she hugged us. We're really excited to see her hopefully on tuesday.

Sunday, yesterday, we had a great FHE with a family in our Branch, the Barnjaks. This week before Easter, our mission president asked us to have an FHE every night before Easter with the members inviting their friends over. We hadn't had a ton of members excited about it, but the Barnjak family was on board. I'm so grateful for their attitude for assisting in this wonderful work. They have a daughter on her mission right now and they decided to invite her old friend over who has kept in touch with their missionary daughter, so he knows quite a bit about the church. We had an awesome lesson about Jesus Christ and he was so touched. His name is Julien. He made a really cool analogy during the lesson that I hadn't thought about before. He is studying to be a doctor and he related the Atonement to being like an organ donor. He said that the gift of the Atonement allows us to live and to be renewed, but we couldn't have provided it for ourselves. It had to come from someone else! WOW! It was such a great lesson. Spirit was so strong!

Later we went porting right by their house. We stopped by a house where they said we could come back in 2 weeks and it had been 2 we rang the doorbell and the husband who is French (wife is from Puerto Rico) and he began telling us how he is a rocket scientist and doesn't believe in God because he believes mainly in science. So, this is where I was really grateful I am from Florida and live right by the NASA/ kennedy space center and had been to space conventions and stuff before. Because eventually it led us back to the gospel and in the end we had a long, great conversation about the plan of salvation. He said it was possible and that we could stop by another time. He let us pray with him and he was really nice. Later we found out that the Barnjak's daughter had gone to school with their daughter and they know each other. So cool! We're really excited to go back!

Also we found another missionary cat! In Saint-Nazaire there was this cat that would follow us sometimes while we ported and try to sneak into people's houses when they opened the door, which doesn't make porting very effective. I thought that was the only cat that thought it was our long lost 3rd companion..but no. Turns out there's one here too!! It followed us around on Sunday i taught it about the Book of included.

So this upcoming week there will be some changes. My companion, Soeur Castillo will be leaving and Soeur Johns will be my new companion. She is awesome. We are already facebook friends and when I saw a picture of her on facebook I had this feeling we would be companions (kinda how that happened with Soeur Wynn) and I told Soeur Sorenson about how I had this feeling a while ago and voila!! We are companions and I am SOOOO excited! She is such a beautiful girl inside out and I can't wait to start working with her and seeing some more miracles! Soeur Castillo was a great companion and it was fun to watch her grow. I have learned so much from her and we are sad we won't be together, but she is excited to go serve in a ward in Paris.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Easter! I encourage you all to take the same challenge. Invite the missionaries over this week to have a family home evening with one of YOUR friends! I know this will bring you closer to Christ as well as allow the Spirit to touch the heart of your friend. During this Easter season, try to focus less on eggs, chocolate, and bunnies, but more on the beauty of the Atonement and Resurrection of Christ and what that means for you and your families. For by the grace of Jesus Christ we can live with our families forever, as well as with our older brother and savior, Jesus Christ, and our Father in heaven.


Soeur Berge

pic- Sr Sorenson and our previous STL's whom we love! Reunited!!

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