Monday, February 24, 2014

Picture Them in White!

Cher Famille !
Wow! What a week! Honestly, this week has been one of the best weeks of my life.
Monday we had an awesome FHE at the Harris’s. I was so happy Jeanne and Esperence could make it.
Tuesday night we rode into Paris to stay the night and I surprised Soeur Sorenson and didn’t tell her we were stopping by the Eiffel tower on the way to another sister’s apartment we were staying. It was incredibly fun even though it was only 5 minutes. She was so shocked! Love her
Wednesday was so awesome. We got to hear from Elder Kearon. And I got to see Soeur Wynn. So cool. Elder Kearon is so great. He took time to shake each of our hands and then gave us the best instructions ever. Seriously, it was one of the most incredible trainings ever. It just pumped Soeur Sorenson and I up. We called it ‘the Kearon kick’ haha. So, a cool experience..Elder Kearon asked President for two missionaries to help him with a demo and President gave him Soeur Sorenson and my name! WHAT?! So he calls us up on the stand and everyone is like ‘Oooh what did you do..’ haha it was funny, but he just had us demonstrate how we can’t contact if we aren’t smiling and happy. So first he made us act really sad when we ‘contacted’ him and then the second time he told us to do it again only how we are supposed we get our big southern smiles on and he wouldn’t even let us open our mouths and just said ‘PERFECT!’ haha it was awesome and we felt really special..I’m sure it was totally random, but we still felt cool.
So, on Tuesday night Soeur Sorenson and I get a phone call from one of the AP’s and Elder Kearon would be interviewing about 4 missionaries..and I would be one of them…what? Yeah let’s just say when you have an interview with a general don’t sleep very well haha..but it was so incredible. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and I will never forget it. He prayed at the end and just the power out of this awesome servant of the Lord just gave me chills. It’s amazing how much love you can feel from a general authority and just know that Heavenly Father loves you.
So part of Elder Kearon’s training was all about finding people and being bold. It was exactly what Soeur Sorenson and I needed because we have decided we need to find some new people to teach and be more bold with the amies who have kinda plateau’d. He asked us to think about the qualities in a missionary that are necessary to find people. As Soeur Sorenson and I discussed one of our fabulous Sister Training Leaders we came up with the conclusion that ‘you make the gospel a part of your life, so when you give yourself to the people , you are giving them the gospel.’ We must strive to always incorporate the gospel into every aspect of our lives. That way when people see you, they also see the beauty of the gospel.
Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Philbert at the Karsenty’s. They did a wonderful job at answering his question about why we do the baptisms for the dead and we even extended a baptismal invitation. He didn’t say no, but it was an incredible lesson and we are beginning to see a change in his heart. He said he agreed with everything we were saying and he seemed to really take in the lesson, which was incredible. Soeur Karsenty is just an incredible teacher. Plus she loves genealogy and Philbert makes incredible and elaborate family trees that are huge. Soeur Karsenty got so excited and they already began planning one out. So neat to see how both are profiting from Philbert learning the gospel and both are bringing each other closer to the Savior.
Later we had a wonderful lesson with Jeanne trying to get her ready for her baptism.
Friday we saw Fanny! We gave her a church tour and she is so sweet. We introduced the Book of Mormon and she said she would read and pray! We will see with her. She is awesome and I hope she felt the Spirit.
Later we had an awesome FHE at the Hemons with our ami Yannick. They did a great job and the Spirit was so strong. Yannick even said, “I never knew this existed. I had no idea that there were French families here in France that sat down to discuss the gospel.” He was so touched by incredible Spirit! It was awesome.
Saturday we had Jeanne’s baptism and it was wonderful! The bishop’s wife in Nantes that Jeanne absolutely loves just made everything so beautiful! She set up this wonderful little buffet and just decked the whole thing out for Jeanne. Jeanne was so nervous, but I know with all my heart she was ready and she knew of the importance of her baptism. She received the Holy Ghost on Sunday, and she was just in tears because she has one of the strongest testimonies. It touched me even more to see Esperence come out and support her for her baptism. Absolutely wonderful. She was just glowing and my heart was overfilled with so much joy for her to be cleaned of all before.
I just love being here and I love seeing someone completely change. I remember when Jeanne first heard the lessons and was unsure and as she decided to open her heart and find the truth for herself, that is when her faith just blossomed. She will truly be a wonderful addition to the branch. The branch is her family now and she could not be any happier. I can’t express how happy I am to see her finally find the find her family and to find true joy. And it all began when she opened her heart and allowed the Savior to heal her. I love her so much. We just have to keep the vision of seeing everyone wearing white. See people for not who they are or what they do, but for what they can become. :)
Also, today rocked because I got to spend the whole day with my buds, Soeur Wynn, Soeur Sorenson, and Soeur Thibault!! Crazy day. We have just been running around all day! Pictures will come next week :) :)
Well that’s about it for this was jammed pack, yet so rewarding and absolutely incredible. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Life is awesome!
Soeur Berge

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