Sunday, October 6, 2013

"You're Not From This World.."

Forever friends

Elder Oaks greeting some new members ans amis

Saying goodbye to Soeur Wynn
New companion, Soeur Lefrandt

Hey Hey Everyone!

Well a new transfer has begun and I'm still in the beautiful ward
Nogent with my new companion, Soeur Lefrandt! She's great. Funny thing
about her is we have a million friends in common and we get along
great. I'm excited to see where this transfer takes us.

The week started out a little bitter sweet saying goodbye to my best
friend, Soeur Wynn. Mais, all is well. :) I feel like the time just
goes by so fast, I keep praying that it'll slow down a little bit.

The Allanic's son was baptized this week and our ami, Claudia came :)
That was her 3rd baptism she has attended and this time I could tell she
was reflecting a lot on her decision to be baptized. She seems a
little nervous, but I have all the faith in the world that she will be
ready the 19th of Octobre :)

We also got to visit our friend, Chantal. She's the coolest. She just
takes care of everyone. We went with her to visit her mom who is in a
really nice retirement home and it was so fun! We walked in and I felt
like we were movie stars. Everyone's eyes became the size of bowling
balls! They were the cutest. It was so fun to chat with some elderly
folks in French. So cute!

Another super interesting story, we tried to contact this lady and she
was kinda crazy. She kept saying "You are not from this planet. You
both aren't
from this world." And I was so shocked I kept saying, "No we're here.
We have flesh and blood. We're on the earth?" She just kept telling us
no. It was so interesting. Later, Soeur Lefrandt and I just kinda
laughed about it.

Friday night we had such a miracle! Soeur Lefrandt and I have been
doing a lot of finding and contacting and porting! oh man! On Friday
night we tried to visit a less active and turned out she didn't live
there anymore and we somehow ended up in another city called Noisy Le
Grand. We decided to walk around and try to talk to some people.
Rejection after rejection, Soeur Lefrandt turned to me and said,
"Soeur, we need to pray." We found a spot and prayed. Just after, we
turned around and contacted this woman and she
was really nice. We testified and turned to Moroni 10:3-5. We asked
her to read it and she began balling! She told us it was so touching
and she had prayed that morning that God would send someone to her! We
began testifying and said a prayer with her and after we ended the
prayer, a man walked by and said, "Bonjour les soeurs!" then told us
he was a branch president and to keep up the good work! So then we
decided to go sit on a bench with her and talk about the blessings of
the gospel and read more of the Book of
Mormon. By the end, we were all just crying. She asked us how much she
could pay us for the Book of Mormon and it's so nice to be able to say
the gospel is free and for everyone! Towards the end I invited her to
be baptized and she said she would! Best part of this story-SHE'S 100%

We haven't met with her since and things are a little complicated, but
we're going to try and see her soon. We talked to her the next day and
she said she wasn't sure, but she's been reading the Book of Mormon. I
have no doubt she will one day be an incredible member of the true
church of Jesus Christ :)

After that we found 3 other people that were interested and it's
incredible to see the hand of the Lord throughout it all. Soeur
Lefrandt and I have been here under 6 months, yet we're trying to
inviting others to Christ in a language we both don't know. We are so
humbled by the teaching power of the Spirit. When we bear our simple,
broken-French tesimonies, the Spirit truly does the rest.

I know with all my heart that God has a plan for each of us. Sometimes
we lose sight of where we're going or who we are, but we can find
comfort and peace with knowing that our Heavenly Father is aware of
our needs and loves us. We just have to place our trust in Him and
have faith in His timing. The trials we face are specifically for us.
I love this gospel. I know it's true. It brings so much peace and
happiness to my life. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now
than serving the Lord. Thanks for all the love and support! Til next

Stay righteous, be true, be you!
Avec amour,
Soeur Berge

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