Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rain Drops and Heat Waves

First of all, our baptism with Maria was thankfully changed to this coming Saturday. We were so stressed trying to get everything figured out, especially because NO ONE was going to be there for it, but luckily we were able to change Maria's date to this Saturday and she will be confirmed on Sunday! SOOOOO EXCITING!!! We are thrilled. We basically spent every second of this week with her...a little exhausting and our brains got a little French Fried haha. But we adore her. She was able to come with us to another baptism on Saturday to see how it all works and it was great. She was even more excited after that. She wanted to do missionary work with us all week. That's a truly converted heart right there! Her testimony she bears to others is so incredibly powerful. She will be one great missionary! She is already saving up and getting ready for it.
Last week it was so hot we thought we would die. I literally could think of nothing else but swimming. Air conditioning does not exist in France!!!! Trash bags lack drawstrings, toilets never flush, ice cubes are non-existent, we kiss more people in a day as missionaries in France than we would in a year at home (bisous bisous bisous), dog poop and cigarettes line our every path. It's like a battle field, dodging the pigeon bombs from on high and the dog mines under our feet, the sun literally never sets or's daytime all the time, and air conditioning is now just a good memory from home.
Yesterday was quite the good day though. We had several rdv's (rendezvous or appointments) set up but they all fell through. We decided to go out anyway and just as we finished our prayer before leaving, we received a call from a woman named Claudia who was searching for the church. We decided to meet up with her and give her a tour! It was incredible. She was given a little pass-along card 4 months ago by some elders but never came and so she found the card yesterday and decided to call the number. Turns out you never do know what can happen!!! We gave her a tour and talked about our church and she was in agreement with everything! We invited her to Maria's baptism and to church and she said she will be at both. Miracles happen every day!
I also had an exchange this week with Soeur Tollefson.  After district meeting on Tuesday it was POURING, but we have important things to do, so we just ran through the rain. We were completely soaked when we got to the gare. It was so much fun! We just laughed the entire way. It was crazy. Also exchanges were really scary because I had to get us everywhere and make sure we got on the right buses and trains and lead all of the lessons. Super scary, but I learned a lot and I'm so glad Heavenly Father has our backs. Honestly, we have been so blessed with so much success, but it's weird because I honestly don't feel like I'm doing anything. All I can do is try and Heavenly Father makes up the rest. The best thing we can do is invite the Spirit because that is the best teacher.

I also had legality this week. I got to see Soeur Huckstep! She spent the night at our appt because we have a 4 man appt and it's where everyone comes and stays to be closer to where we meet. It was so cool to see all my friends from the MTC and hear about they're progress. We even contacted some people on the way even though we all can't speak French haha. I love it though. The legality was not as much fun. I'm glad it's over.
It was so cool though because I set a baptismal date with Hortense on exchanges. I finally feel like I'm contributing and helping the work progress. It is truly amazing to see the Lord's hand in preparing people long before we ever talk to them.
We had a really cool contact this week with this girl named Daniele Blessing. She was just singing and writing a song next to me at the gare waiting for our train, and I finally just started talking to her and we gave her a card and she whips out her card and said, "I knew I was going to give you my card, I just didn't know when." SO COOL! We're meeting her at the church this week and singing songs with her for a lesson.
Every day is just so different than the last one. All we can do is give it our all and Heavenly Father makes up for the rest. The scriptures are so essential. They're written specifically for our time because we can relate to so many things. This week I was reading in Alma about Korihor and how in the end he admitted he always believed in a God. It's so amazing to see how nice people are here. Yeah there are some not so friendly people, but everyone has the light of Christ, it's just harder to find it in some people.
This next week we are really focusing on finding a family and getting our amis to church. We tried to go pick Leilah up at her house to walk with her to church, but when we got there, her dad was there and he hates the church. Luckily she answered the door and told us she couldn't come and she told us to leave before he found out we were there. That was a little scary, but it just breaks my heart that some of the dads here are just so awful. There are some awesome families here, but it's just sad how Satan attacks families.
Well, another great week has passed, and I'm sad because that means I'm one week closer to the end, even though I just began this journey. I never want to leave these people. The ward is incredible and the love I have for these people is just unreal. They're truly my friends.
I hope all is well with everyone else!
Well, I love you all!
Stay righteous, be true, be you!
Avec amour,
Soeur Berge

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